The 5 Books that Helped my Heart Sing and Become Whole Again

The 5 Books that Helped my Heart Sing and Become Whole Again

I am a nurse and a healer. I know that in order to guide others back to themselves holistically, you first must be whole yourself.

By whole, I mean connected and aligned in body, mind, and spirit. The sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts.

As luck would have it, feeling whole is a bit challenging for most of us. If we are honest, we have all probably experienced that moment when we felt we just didn’t measure up.

Part of the human condition means struggling at some time or another with one of these beliefs: you are not lovable, you are not worthy, and/or you do not have what it takes and you are lacking in some way(money/intelligence/strength/courage).

I am no different. I spent plenty of years immeshed in my struggle story. In order to overcome my struggles and release my limiting beliefs, I had to do some soul searching and hard work.

Some of the things that have helped me release my limiting beliefs are: yoga, mindfulness, tapping into my creativity, intentional movement, nature, connecting with other healers or lightworkers, energy work, humor, music, and whole food nutrition.

I rely on these for ongoing growth and I am empowered to stay on this path to abundant, whole heart living because it sets my soul on fire and brings me immense joy and rich health.

In addition to these tools, something that easily inspires me are words.

The irony is that as a young girl I absolutely hated reading and I sure as heck did not feel I was a good writer. Now, I can’t get enough of either! I have a voracious appetite for all things inspiring and empowering; especially in the written word. I could easily spend hours looking through quotes on sparkly notecards or crafting my own. Doing so calls me to evolve and live into my full potential. Words speak to me in a way that inspires, uplifts, nourishes and feeds my heart and soul.

I am typically reading no less than four books. I will start reading and then get pointed towards another book or idea and then I will get another book on that and on it goes. Has this ever happened to you? You jump online for a quick search and the next thing you know you have six new tabs open and an hour has lapsed!

I have read hundreds of books; however, the five books that I am sharing with you today will forever remain my favorites. They inspired me to dig deep, let go, and love myself up unconditionally. I believe that there are no accidents and these books were drawn onto my path in divine timing. Perhaps one of them will help inspire or empower you as much as they have inspired me. The winners are:

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

Don Miguel Ruiz

I read this book after getting remarried and it really helped my husband and me learn to communicate in a healthy way. Living the tenants of the Four Agreements is profound and quite liberating.

Here is a video about Don’s book, The Four Agreements

A Life Worth Breathing: A Yoga Master’s Handbook of Strength, Grace, and Healing

Max Strom

I read this book after completing yoga teacher training during a time when I was struggling with self-doubt. It was so profoundly healing to read. I literally finished the book, got online to find out more about Max and he was in Minneapolis the next day for a yoga workshop. Holy serendipitous batman. I attended the workshop with my book in hand and shared with Max how much it helped me. I now have his Johnny Hancock in his book. So amazing.

Here is a link to Max’s book,  A Life Worth Breathing

True Purpose 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make

Tim Kelley

I heard about this book from Lisa Sasevich during her bootcamp in San Diego. This was a game changer for me. Tim talks about each of us having a gift, a blessing and he really guides you in doing the work through writing and reflecting to uncover what your blessing and true purpose are.

Here is a link to Tim’s book, True Purpose 

The Gifts of Imperfection

Brené Brown

Brené is my all time favorite girl crush. She has researched and written on the very abstract concept of shame and vulnerability for over 20 years. I learned of her book after turning 40 and  gifting myself a course called Heart Sight Series. It was about subtle energy, something I knew nothing about. I asked the teacher what book she could recommend that most aligned with what we were learning in the course and she recommended Brené’s, The Gifts of Imperfection. That book really helped me understand and feel that I was not alone in not wanting to feel vulnerable and that shame is universal.

Here is Brené speaking about vulnerability in her famous TED talk Vulnerability

A Weekend to Change Your Life

Joan Anderson  

I read this gem as I was cultivating the courage to create my own retreat for nurses to refresh and renew. Joan is the guru of running successful retreats for women, guiding them in letting go and embracing their authenticity. It couldn’t have been timed more perfectly and it really helped me create a beautiful retreat for nurses that was empowering on so many levels for the nurses and me.

Here is a link to Joan’s book, A Weekend to Change Your Life

Chances are, if you are reading this, you too are an avid reader and are on the quest for ways to enhance your amazing life……..My hope is that you have been inspired and that you may find some resources that resonate with you on your path back to the awesome you.

There is no one else like you. Love yourself up and do you like only YOU can.

What are your favorite reads on healing?

Hugs and healing to you,


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