Can you imagine your life without caffeine?

Can you imagine your life without caffeine?

If you asked me this six weeks ago I would have answered with a resounding NO. I am no different than you. I have good days and bad days. I struggle with achieving and maintaining optimal well-being when it comes to nutrition, and I am a health coach.

I have recently achieved success in kicking my caffeine habit and want to support you in doing the same. For full disclosure, I have to tell you that this is my third time and it is a charmer!!

This caffeine release does not have to be forever. I am inviting you to explore the option of resetting your body by releasing caffeine from your daily grind for seven days.

Sounds crazy right? If you aren’t sure, if this is right for you, let me shed some light on what may be going on in your body now with the use of caffeine.

Caffeine is processed through the liver and takes between five and seven hours to eliminate and is a stimulant to the central nervous system. Limited evidence suggests caffeine may reduce the risk of: Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, colorectal cancer, type 2 diabetes, and dementia. Although, I am not suggesting you go out and start drinking it for these possible benefits if you are not already. Source: Web MD-

Doesn’t seem like a big deal right? Well, for a lot of people it’s not. But when you pile on the physiological effects of chronic stress that most people are living with, this is when people start to become more sensitive to its effects.

If you answer yes to three or more of the following questions, you may want to consider abstaining from caffeine for a short time.

  • are you exhausted all the time?
  • do you need caffeine to get going in the morning?
  • do you need something to help you unwind at night, like medication or alcohol
  • do you crave sugar or carbs?
  • do you feel anxious or on edge?
  • are your bowel patterns irregular?

Here’s the skinny. The choices that we make about what we eat and drink have the potential for two outcomes: to heal or to harm. The potential effects are completely dependent on your own bio-individuality.

In other words, a food that brings you to your knees with abdominal pain may help me flourish. As humans we are constantly seeking pleasure in an effort to avoid pain. It may feel quite pleasurable to get that quick boost of energy and the ability to have laser sharp focus after those first few sips of our morning cup of joe, but is it worth the pain of that slump in the afternoon when we are so lethargic we need another cup of coffee to keep going? I am going with no!

So, you may be someone who is not affected by caffeine in a negative way. I never thought much of my daily coffee habit that I have had for over twenty years.

Until I starting thinking about how it may be impacting my health, specifically my waistline and my energy level. I feel lately like I have been on a treadmill that has no STOP button and my jeans are tight in the waist. Bad combo!

Here’s the real issue. I don’t drink my coffee black. It’s more like, I’ll have a little coffee with my sugar and cream! Over the last six months my coffee habit has taken a bit of a turn. I went from brewing my favorite coffee at home, frothing my cream and having the chocolate covered espresso bean on top to stopping by the local coffee shop and ordering a mocha. Every single day.

Not only was it bad for my waistline, but I was spending $30+ a week on that fancy cup of joe! But wait, it gets worse! I started going to the coffee shop on my lunch break for the free wi-fi and was ordering another mocha!

No wonder my waist started to expand! My habit had become an addiction. I would start to get a headache by lunchtime if I did not imbibe in my coffee habit. The more I drank, the more I wanted.

Then it happened. I got sick of feeling bloated, my jeans being tight in the waist, and having cystic and tender breasts. My breaking point was at work when I bent over and my jeans ripped! I knew these were all signs pointing towards letting go of my sugar-laden coffee habit.

This is important to note. We are constantly receiving signs from our bodies and the universe about our actions. It is when we tune into those signs and signals that can mean the difference between illness and wellness.

Maybe I would not have the same results if I drank straight up black coffee? But I wouldn’t do that. I need it full of sugar and cream or not at all.

I reached the point of wanting to feel better. Drinking this much caffeine and sugar was wreaking havoc on my body and mind. So, I stopped cold turkey. This is the third time I have done this. This time it has been so easy. I think it’s because my body so craved the chance to heal and reset.

In just six days without coffee, I have noticed:

  • Breast tissue that is free of cysts and is no longer tender.
  • I have not had to take melatonin in order to fall or stay asleep.
  • I am not craving sugar and carbs like I was before.
  • I am eating way healthier at every meal.
  • I have more energy.
  • I am uber proud of myself and empowered to keep up healthy habits that nurture my body, mind, and spirit.
  • I don’t get such a spike in my heart rate when I climb the stairs at work.
  • I don’t feel bloated and my tummy is flatter.
  • I have a more regular bowel pattern.
  • I feel more at ease.

Similar to some relationships, you have no idea how something impacts your well-being until you are without it! Most people do not make behavior changes until they are forced. I have seen it in my nursing career. I promote noticing things before they turn into full blown medical emergencies, such as heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. We know intuitively on some level that we need to change. However, knowing and doing are very different.

That is where I come in. I love nothing more than to support others in living into their optimal energetic state in mind, body, and soul.

So, If you would like to join my Release Caffeine Campaign, join by saying yes in the comments below and send me permission at [email protected] to include you in my private Facebook group.

I will support you in releasing caffeine for seven days. It will be fun and you won’t believe how good you feel after seven days. Who knows, you may feel so good that you don’t drink it again? But there’s only one way to find out!!

Is caffeine something that you want to release for 7 days? Maybe you hate coffee, but are a Diet soda junkie? I have a secret mission to have all women get off of this. What it is doing to your bones and endocrine system is scary.

There is nothing better than feeling good. Trying to establish new habits can be hard, but not if you have support along the way.

The fun begins Monday, February 22nd. See you there.

Until then, start to notice how you feel after caffeine,



2 thoughts on “Can you imagine your life without caffeine?

  1. Jill Widness

    Free me from coffe. Ok girl friend. I substitute cecafe green tea for my coffee. I know I can be caffeine free but still enjoy a gd cup of java. So my dear I will use my tea sub for coffee. For 7 days ok

    1. HealthyNursebyDesign

      Okay Miss Jill! There is no harm in coffee as long as your body agrees with it. Trust ME. I love a good cup of joe, but my body does not!! I am so glad that you are going to try tea in lieu of java just to see what your body thinks of it!! You can totally do this:) You’re a nurse, and you can do anything. xxoo Keep me posted on how it goes:)


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