What do grains have to do with gratitude?

Gratitude is a beautiful thing. I try to practice gratitude daily, but sometimes I just want to have a pity party and be grumpy.

So, what the heck does my favorite grain, quinoa have to do with gratitude?

It was actually, the inconvenience that making the quinoa that prompted it all.

Quinoa is a a grain that hails from Bolivia and is a relative of swiss chard, spinach and beets (http://ancientharvest.com/ancient-grains/organic-quinoa/). It is a complete protein which means it has all 9 of the essential amino acids. Translation, it is great for your muscles, your immune system, and your brain! It is a great alternative to pasta, rice, or bread! It has a crunchy consistency that I love. img_8697















Quinoa has a naturally occurring repellant called saponin on it. I always rinse my quinoa before I cook it to rinse the saponin off (which can leave a bitter taste).

So, back to the gratitude……I use a tool to rinse the quinoa that is super easy and quick. I put the quinoa in a wire mesh strainer, rinse, and then pop it in the pan for cooking.

I had forgotten before I had the craving to make the quinoa that said tool was given to my step-daughter who is away at college! Not sure how I would strain the quinoa without said tool. Since necessity is the mother of invention, I loaded the quinoa in a measuring cup, covered it with water and then covered it with plastic cling wrap and poked a few microscopic holes in it and away I went.

Simple for the most part, but really kind of a pain in the but, because I had to find an alternative method to rinse and then it took me a lot longer. Not too significant on the list of things to get worked up about for certain.

Interestingly, as I was rinsing the quinoa in my jerry rigged device, I was overcome with such a sense of gratitude. I was instantly grateful for my food, my house, running water, my jerry rigged rinsing device, and it just made everything so much more enjoyable.

Life can be crazy and it is so easy to get fixated on what is not working or going right, but it is just as easy to access these tiny strokes of insight into the realm of joy and gratitude.

It is easy and routine for most of us to take every little thing we have for granted.

I invite you to look for the small pockets of joy and places where you could notice what is good and right with your life in lieu of what’s not.



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