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Meet Lisbeth

My name is Lisbeth Overton. I am a nurse. I am a light worker. I am a healer and a spirit junkie. I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a daughter. I am an aunt. I am a teacher. I crave the light and all things bright and sparkly. I am a foodie and a fashionista. I am a cat lover. I am an energy magnet. My blessing is helping others see and step into their own light and the best version of themselves.

I was born BOLD and unapologetically passionate. I am a Taurus, born on May 3rd and my sign is a bull. Luckily, for me, this passion and boldness was temporarily snatched from my being at the tender age of 4. It was Christmas Eve and my boisterous nature put me in harm’s way when I darted out into the airport parking lot. We were en route to spend the holiday with my grandparents in Richmond, VA. I was hit by a van in the airport parking lot without a moment’s notice. Luckily, my superwoman nurse mom was at my side and said no “thank you, we’ll get a second opinion” when the first physician recommended surgery to repair the four skull fractures I suffered.

If you are ready to move beyond your transition phase & create the life you have desired, I would be honored to guide you into your best life with what you already have.

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I say luckily, because had my bold and passionate nature not been taken away, I probably would have taken it for granted. I had to go searching for it after that experience. I was a frightened four year old little girl whose world had turned upside down. I withdrew. I went in deep for a really long time trying to decipher the events that were unraveling in my life at the time. My parents divorcing and my dad moving away. It was all too much. I did not know how to cope, because who does at the age of four? My anxiety ruled my inner landscape and created years of terrible stomach aches and such bad reflux that I can vividly remember it feeling like a knife was stabbing my chest one Halloween. I was nine and was dressed up like an Indian and I am smiling in the pictures but I was dying on the inside. I spent most of my elementary school days in the nurse’s office trying to get attention or answers to help soothe my aching belly.

about2 Life went on and I grew up and decided to become a nurse. The stress was pretty high as a new nurse working in the cardiac intensive care unit and I began getting debilitating migraines. I followed the traditional western medicine path and saw specialists and took more meds than you can shake a stick at, and none of it helped.

That’s when I reached my breaking point.

I knew there had to be a better way. I found Yoga Fit, “yoga for athletes” created by Beth Shaw. I ordered her VHS tape off the internet and starting practicing yoga when I came home from working nights in the ICU. Within several weeks I noticed that I was sleeping on my mat at the end of the session. Then I noticed that my migraines vanished. I also noticed that the relaxed way I felt on my mat started to trickle into my shifts at the hospital and I was so much calmer even among the chaos. My physical body starting changing too. I became very toned and I loved how energetic, yet grounded I felt.

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The stress was still in my life and this time I manifested it in my stomach again! I remember being at the gastroenterology office on 9/11 to have a tube placed in my stomach to measure the ph to figure out why I had such bad reflux. Then came the meds again. And when things didn’t improve testing followed. After both my endoscopy and colonoscopy showed no abnormalities my gastroenterologist looked at me and asked if I was stressed!

His question hit me like a brick between the eyes. It had never occurred to me that stress could be the issue driving my physical symptoms, even though I had this crazy long history of when I was a young girl.

That’s all it took for me to know that I had to do some serious soul searching. That was about eleven years ago. The beauty of awakening to your true nature is that it never ends and each experience will prepare you for the next.

My experience has guided me through yoga teacher training, integrative nutrition school, holistic stress management certification with Brian Luke Seaward, Yoga Nurse training with Annette Tersini, master healer energy program with Carol Tuttle, B School with Marie Forleo, and Spirit Junkie Master Class with Gabby Bernstein.

I have been able to reclaim my voice and my BOLD and unapologetically passionate nature.

I have never been more supported, uplifted, connected, loved, hopeful, joyful, radiant, or more aligned with my highest purpose than I am right now.

If you are ready to move beyond transition & create the life you desire, I would be honored to guide you into your best life with what you already have.