Are you being PUSHED or PULLED in life?

I recently watched Tony Robbin’s documentary, “I AM NOT YOUR GURU” on Netflix.

To say it was inspiring is an understatement!

He talks about the “art of fulfillment” and the idea of being pushed versus pulled in life.\

He says that when you are being pushed in life, it burns you out and fulfillment happens when you are being pulled.

This concept resonated with me so much & I believe it can help so many, so I am sharing it with you.

Being PUSHED, to me looks like nothing goes your way and feels like pure exhaustion.

You feel like you will never be able to come up for air.

It’s like suffocating, but you don’t die. You just keep suffering.

I know first hand what it feels like to be PUSHED in life.

I felt like a zombie on autopilot. Everything was GO. GO. GO. RUSH. RUSH. RUSH.

There was: Little JOY. No FUN. Zero ABUNDANCE. An absence of FREEDOM & CREATIVITY, with a truck full of FEAR & STUCK.

A Course in Miracles states there are two states, love and fear. I was being pushed in my life and nursing career by fear.

Then, I reached a tipping point.

I decided I wanted more. I was tired of feeling “fine” and just “getting by”. I was tired of feeling spiritually empty and like I was not coming anywhere close to fulfilling my soul’s purpose. I wanted to show up in a bigger way in the world in a way that lit my soul on fire and served others at the same time. I decided I was put on this planet to do BIG things.

I had NO idea what this meant, but it didn’t matter, because in that moment, I went from being PUSHED to PULLED.

Here’s the thing.

Once you decide. Once you commit to a desire for things to be different. They WILL be.

Your decision cuts off all other avenues or alternatives other than the path to create your desire.

It creates an energetic match to bring you the opportunities that will create your desire.

Being PULLED delivers opportunities. Divine teachers. Divine guidance. Abundance. Curiosity. Flow. Creative everything. Joy. Laughter. FUN. Alignment. High vibes. Resonance. Love.

I will let you in on a secret that I learned from Carol Tuttle. All these things are your TRUE nature, but probably less familiar to you than your regular fare of stress and lack. When you are in alignment with your true nature, everything is easier & more fun.

So, I ask you again. Are you being PUSHED or PULLED in life?<

If you are being pulled, kudos to you & please keep shining your light. In doing so, you are helping to heal the world.

If you are being pushed, start to notice how you are being pushed in life.

Affirm right now that you are LOVE. You deserve love and in this moment you can choose for things to be different. You can choose to live in love over fear.

The journey back to your fullest potential is rich and full of infinite possibilities, but it does take work, grit, and determination.

Deciding for things to be different is easy. The hard part is releasing your fear grip and the illusion of control and trusting that your highest self is waiting to step up and that when you ask, you will be supported.

The journey requires support. A tribe. Teachers. Self-love and acceptance. Willingness and an open heart.

I had no support, no teachers, no one to talk to when I first said yes. This is something I do not suggest. As soon as I let go of my grip of needing to be perfect and “in control” and I opened my heart and asked for guidance, my teachers showed up in droves and so have the infinite opportunities to share my gifts in a bigger way.

I am thoroughly enjoying my journey back to my highest self and learning how to be in service to others in the most beneficial way. In order to play bigger & provide service to others I continue to work on myself.

I am on the books to speak with one of Tony Robbin’s business strategists.

This is another divine moment on my path.

Day Made!

Lisbeth Overton, Nurse Boss

Lisbeth Overton, Nurse Boss

I was called to create Nurse Boss Soul School to help serve nurses in transforming from a life of fear and being PUSHED to one of ease and being PULLED.

The choice is yours. Pushed or pulled.

I would be humbled to share the tools that have helped me transform from living day to day in fear and lack, always pushing, to a life being pulled into opportunity, love, and abundance at my online camp for the nurse soul, Nurse Boss Soul School.

It is all done from the comfort of your own home with the connection and support of other nurses who are ready to love you up and support you in transitioning from fear to love.

Camp launches again in September. I hope to play with you there:)

For more info type PULL in the comments.

Sending you so much love 💜


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