Do you have a professional mentor?

Do you have a professional mentor or someone who just gets you whom you can talk to about anything?

I have been a nurse for 17 years and my first professional mentor was Kathy, a registered nurse that I had been paired with on the telemetry floor in a hospital where I began my nursing career.

Kathy was super nice and had such patience with me. She was also very funny, which was a bonus in my book. Humor is a non-negotiable in my life.

I was part of the very first new grad program at my hospital and I know it is the reason I have been able to become such a great nurse. The new grad program provided a stable foundation for me.

I was with a group of ten other new grads for our first year of practice together. We met every week to review: new skills, standards of practice, and to talk about our fears and our wins.

I knew that someone always had my back. I felt safe. I felt connected. It felt like I mattered.

This is the best possible way to start a career in nursing. There are so many unknowns and there are no shortage of opportunities to second guess yourself or situations that may make you want to run and hide.

I will forever have gratitude for those mentors and that experience. I draw on it often.

That experience taught me early on that it is not only ok, but wise to ask for help or to clarify if you don’t know something. This is the courageous thing to do and is crucial when considering your actions, could mean the difference between a great outcome and a sentinel event.

I have been fortunate to have such wonderful mentors throughout my nursing career. Another one of my favorite mentors was Judy. She mentored me in the electrophysiology lab. She was part mentor, part mom. She was awesome and gave me such confidence in a high tech, fast paced working environment. A funny tip she shared with me that I can remember that is not related to nursing was to iron your clothes while watching tv!!! I love that idea, but I don’t watch tv anymore…………Still pure genius.

Despite all of the amazing mentors and support I have had throughout my nursing career, there was a time, about five years ago when I did not really know what to do or who to talk to about a feeling I had. It was this inner energy that I was not living up to my true potential.

I felt stifled and burned out. Not just stressed out and nursing kind of tired, but like, energetically and spiritually empty.

There was something more I was supposed to be offering the world, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I had this inner longing going on inside my soul and there wasn’t really anyone who I could talk to about it. It was very isolating.

After loads of soul searching, yoga teacher training, nutrition school, and healing energy work, I have discovered that my gift is serving nurses. I am fulfilling my soul and spirit in my work as a life coach. I help nurses become their own Nurse Boss.

A Nurse Boss is a nurse who knows her purpose. Her mission is clear as mud! She has married her talents with her passions to create the life and career of her desires in service to others while also honoring her own body, mind, and soul. She is open to receive the abundance that her mindset and energy bring forth and does so without an ounce of guilt or feeling selfish. She is in the flow of receiving as much as she is giving, creating a life of balance and bliss.

I help nurses feel safe, connected, and like you matter.

I teach nurses the most important tools that you don’t learn in nursing school. Self-love first.

I help nurses feel the way I did in my new grad program. I offer you support, time, energy, and simple tools that get you re-aligned with your core, your true purpose, so that you may create the life and career of your dreams. You first. No exceptions. No guilt. No more struggling. Pure joy. Abundance. Alignment. Laughter. Fun.

I am having such fun and success with my private coaching clients, that I have decided to create an online version that will knock your socks off. I have poured my heart and soul into this course. It is my baby, her name is Nurse Boss Soul School. This program is full of soul. Your soul and your heart. You will learn how to reconnect to your heart and your soul.

If you want a cheerleader, a nurse who has your back, who loves you up, and reminds you of your own awesome, then I am the girl for you. You can have all of this in the privacy of your own home when you enroll in my Nurse Boss Soul School.

If you are ready to release struggle and lack for good. This is your ticket. Joy and ease are your birthright. Your years of lack and struggle have served their purpose. It is time to release that once and for all.

So………….are you ready to be your own Nurse Boss?

If so, please connect with me here so I can be sure to get you the details as soon as they are ready. Be the first to know

Hugs and love, Lisbeth

Healthy Nurse by Design and Nurse Boss

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