Nurse Boss Soul School-camp for the nurse soul

One week from today I will be launching my baby, my camp for the nurse soul, Nurse Boss Soul School. It is a dream come true!

This is WHY I do what I do.

When I read the words from my client, Jessica Smith my heart starts to swell with overwhelming JOY & warmth. Meeting her has truly been a gift. I am delighted her feelings for me are mutual #soulsisters

I had NO idea what my business would look like when I had the idea 20+ years ago. I knew I could pull it off, but I was not prepared for the depth of love & soul nurturing that helping nurses would provide me.

I am getting back far more in return than I am sharing in my work.

I believe to run a sustainable business you have to give back.

Jessica was the first recipient of my scholarship for personal coaching.

I am launching Nurse Boss Soul School as a way to leverage my work with more nurses than I would be able to help one on one.

I am offering 7 nurses a scholarship to Nurse Boss Soul School. I have only 4 slots left for that opportunity.

If you are stuck & crave a soul cleansing recharge I invite you to come play at camp for the nurse soul at Nurse Boss Soul School. You will make life long connections & learn simple tools that will help nourish your heart, soul, & awesome for a lifetime!!

Please share with nurses you know would love this opportunity

-🏻from my Nurse Boss heart & soul to yours

#HappyNursesWeek 🙋🏻



From Jessica:

Four months post op from open heart surgery I found myself feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with my slow recovery process. I had not worked in close to five months as a regional nurse manager and I was stuck in fear and did not know how come to peace with where my life was headed.

I decided to try something different and I scheduled a session with Lisbeth Overton on LinkedIn.

Over the past 17 years I have done a lot of spiritual work in my self over the years.

I spoke with Lisbeth for the first time and I had an instant connection with her. Her nursing philosophy was the same as mine and she significantly enlightened me.

I honestly felt a new hope for the first time in awhile along with a knowing that God has brought our paths together for a reason.

She just happen to be coming out to Arizona from Minneapolis the following week and I had the miraculous blessing to meet my new spiritual coach who has the passion to help nurses.

I am a very blessed to be a recipient of one of her generous scholarships.

I needed change with some ideas and life expression that created limits in my life.

Honestly, from the very beginning I felt refreshed and infused with a new flowing energy the first time I met with her.

I have learned many new tools along with discarding some old ones that did not work for me anymore.

I have learned some life work balance and am starting to own my awesomeness. Loving my self and taking care of the nurse within me is one of the best ways I can be of service to others.

The work I have been doing has given me the recommitment on a different level of self care and love.

My reawakening to my world has been brighter, more peaceful, with a lot more laughter and life flowing through me.

I have more confidence in my beliefs and desires. My doubt, fear, and perception of lack has decreased.

I will say one of the biggest gifts of working with Lisbeth is the ability to watch some one shine as their authentic amazing self through her videos and our talks, this encourages me on a soul level to do the same because I am worth it.

In gratitude 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Lisbeth NurseBoss 💜🙋🏻

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