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Don’t like the results you’re getting?

Here we are, four days into a new year and you already know that you’re sick of getting similar results over and over and you really want things to be different, but have NO idea where to start.

This is for YOU.

Here’s the skinny…………What you focus your energy on expands (positive & negative).

Simply reflect on a recent day. When something doesn’t go your way and you say out loud how crummy your life is and how nothing ever goes your way and discover that the trend of negativity continues.

In contrast, if you have an amazing experience, let’s say the guy at the coffee bar pays for your drink and you rave about how wonderful everyone is and then you get to work and you notice someone has sent you a raving email about what a great nurse you are……….

This is because like attracts like and every THING is energy.

This means everything has it’s own timing at which it vibrates. You can think of it as the channel something tunes to on a radio.

From the broccoli you eat, to the thoughts you have about your physique, it all vibrates at a certain speed or frequency.

These vibrations or frequencies determine your emotional and physical state.

Like most other things, energy occurs on a spectrum.

Low frequency is associated with emotions such as: depression, anxiety, fear and poor health (dis-ease).

High frequencies are associated with emotions such as: joy, love, abundance and vitality (maximal physical wellness).

I don’t know about you, but I will always prefer all things #highvibes!

Energy is literally everywhere. The next time you’re out on a summer night check out the lightening bugs. Lightening bugs on the same branch will start flashing at the same time.

This is known as resonance, and is nature’s way of conserving energy. Resonance also shows up in women’s menstrual cycles. Women who live together tend to have their cycle at the same time.

So, back to getting the results you want…….

If you’re not digging the results life’s handing you, then you’re in luck. The solution is fairly simple to switch things around.

Your results are directly related to the the energetic state that you were in when you created the original thought or plan for what you wanted.

In other words, if you wrote a blog post, took care of a patient, or had a conversation with your partner and had a less than stellar outcome or experience, chances are your physical, energetic, mental, and emotional state were not in a high vibe state during that creation or exchange.

To create great outcomes, you need to be in a high vibration physical, energetic, mental, and emotional state when you are in the creation or intention setting phase.

This may sound woo woo or out there, but it’s really as simple as getting in the head space that you are open, limitless, excited, joyful, grounded, abundant and expect the most favorable outcome.

So, how do you do that?


Engage in activities that bathe the senses, remind you of your potential, and reconnect you to the things or activities that connect you to your higher power and remind you that  you are always supported.

  • Fuel yourself with high vibe foods.

This isn’t rocket science folks! (fuel in=fuel out) If you have a Maserati, you would put the best fuel in it that money could buy. The same applies to your body. What you put in, you get out. High vibe foods are whole foods (fruits/veggies/lean protein sources) that are in their natural form and free of creepy pesticides or genetically modified anything. Eating high vibe foods will only boost your energy, naturally.

  • Get in nature and move your body in whatever way that feels good.

The body was born to MOVE. When you exercise, you release endorphins, those feel good hormones that do wonders for the physical body and the mood. It’s also a natural stress reliever.

  • Flex your creative muscles-write, paint, color, draw, dance, play or compose music, and connect with others who fill you up.

Humans were born to create. Tony Robbins says, “if you’re not growing you’re dying.” When you are not creating, you are shrinking and leaving your gifts untapped. You have gifts for a reason. When you use them, it can bring great joy not only to ourselves, but also in the service it provides to others. Oh, and being creative is FUN too!

  • Dabble in practices that nurture your spirit and connect you to your higher power-pray-meditate-chant-yoga-drumming.

I call this soul work. You see, you have a soul and your soul is the keeper of your mission or true purpose. Your soul will groom you with the lessons and tasks to prepare you for the unveiling of your mission. Your soul will hold out for the big reveal until you are good and ready. When you are in tune with your spirit and soul, it is much easier to hear it’s queues about what steps you need to take to fulfill your mission.

  • Be mindful of your breath.

The breath is the first thing to happen upon birth and last act of life upon leaving the physical body upon death. It is the most profound tool for staying present and is always free for your use.

Use your breath as a tool to slow down and be in the moment.

Take five minutes, place your feet on the floor. Sit up nice and tall.

Place your hands on your belly and start to breathe.

Start to take inhales in through your nose and feel your belly start to expand like a balloon.

Start to notice your belly retract toward your spine on the exhale.

Close your eyes and focus on the sound and feeling of your breath moving in and out of your body.

Begin to count your inhales. Then begin to count your exhales. See what number feels good to count to, say 5. Then match the number of inhales to exhales if that feels comfortable.

The act of deep belly breathing sends a signal to the parasympathetic nervous system which signals to the body that it’s ok to relax. 

PRO tip: When you set out to make a change and you begin to self-sabotage or doubt your ability, know that this is your ego talking.

Your ego wants you to play safe and to stay small. You can simply acknowledge that’s what’s happening and keep on going. Over time, the voice of the ego will become less loud and making positive change becomes easier.

I hope this has been helpful and I want to know which one of these tools you will try to start co-creating some awesomeness in your life today?

Until next time, keep owning your awesome.



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