Healthy Nurse by Design

Healthy Nurse by Design

Redefining what’s possible for nurses- putting soul & self-love back into serving others, without the guilt or suffering. Soul-centered transformation, one nurse at a time.

My mission is to up the vibe of the nursing collective, one nurse at a time. Join our tribe on Facebook:

I promote being your own Nurse Boss in my work.  Being a Nurse Boss has NOTHING to do with a certain nursing job or skill set, but everything to do with your vibe and mindset.

It’s the energy that you evoke into the world and the script that you give others that dictates how others treat you.

A Nurse Boss is a nurse who has created a lifestyle that aligns their passion with their natural gifts and energy style in a way that helps others while also honoring their own body, mind, and soul. A nurse boss walks their talk and they are open to receive the abundance that is theirs, with no need for apologies.

You can have all the schooling and training in the world to help you be the most successful and well-prepared nurse, but if you are not living in tune with what sets your soul on fire and makes you feel alive, you are not living, you are surviving.

You are only living to 1/3 of your fullest potential in this state and most of your choices are based in fear. The same struggles will continue to appear regardless of where you work as a nurse if you do not value yourself and begin to put yourself first.

What sets my program apart from others?

There is nothing else out there like it. My coaching focuses on the heart and soul of the nurse. There is nothing clinical about it. ZILCH.
My programs work because they focus on the root cause, not the symptoms of your life struggles.
You will learn about your natural energy, your mindset, your habits, and how to tap into your greatest potential.
It requires work on your part, but it is FUN and oh so rewarding.
I give you permission to let go of the struggle and actually LIVE the life you have always wanted.
The tools I share are:

  • Simple
  • Easily accessible
  • Sustainable
  • Create radical results very quickly

I believe with great gifts comes great responsibility. I believe in giving back, specifically to the nursing community. If we can up the vibe of the nursing collective, one nurse at a time, then we can radically shift the health of nurses everywhere and the direction of our profession for the best possible outcomes for nurses and the patients we serve.
I offer scholarships for several of my programs for nurses who would greatly benefit, but do not have the resources to pay.

The intent of my work is to provide and promote a more fulfilling life for nurses filled with:

  • Inspiration
  • Empowerment
  • Radical Self-Acceptance
  • Joy
  • Hope
  • Connection
  • Laughter
  • Community
  • Light work
  • Sparks of insight
  • Creative solutions
  • Courage
  • Grace
  • Commitment
  • Good vibes
  • Charisma
  • Contagious enthusiasm
  • Fun
  • Vulnerability
  • Vitality
  • Life of purpose
  • Unapologetic ability to own your awesome without guilt or judgment

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