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You create your experience

You create your experience.

Every. Day.🕐

What can you place in your living space that reminds you of your awesome & fills you with joy?

I am a word nerd and love inspiring quotes.

I am a metaphor lover as well. I love animals for this reason. 🐘 🐼

Elephants remind me to stay grounded & they have such wisdom & are extremely communal. All things I aspire to be

Fashion is my religion, so anywhere I can insert sparkle is a GO!

My Buddha statue reminds me that I AM safe, I AM love💜, and that the universe 🌎and angels 😇👼are always working behind the scenes on my behalf.

It also reminds me that when I take the time to love myself by practicing mindfulness & yoga, I stay more dialed in to my own well-being & can be of service from a more balanced and loving place. 🕉#walkthetalk

Music 🎤🎸is a must in my life✅it makes me feel alive & dancing usually ensues….which usually leads to laughter…the best medicine 💊ever!

☯ We all have ups & downs. But having anchors in our lives that keep us grounded are very powerful in creating a life of high vibes & JOY!

I hope you find a small nugget of hope in this post & will start to explore creating a life of JOY that makes your soul smile.

Please share in the comments how you create spaces of joy, flow, and remind you of your capacity to create?


The Art of Nursing. Nursing and Art. Science and Healing.

The Art of Nursing. Nursing and Art. Science and Healing.

When asked by Elizabeth Scala, Registered Nurse, author, speaker, and host of The Art of Nursing 2.0 online event for nurses how I view the art of nursing in my professional practice, this is how I responded.

I have learned so much in my 17 years of practicing nursing. My perspective has shifted from one of “fixing” people to “guiding” them and I have transformed myself along the journey.

I felt so broken and unworthy for many years and that underlying current affected every aspect of my life, even my career. The result was saying NO to more opportunities than I can count or recall.

I now view myself as a healer.

I live my life as a creator and now believe that it is far better for me and the world to part with the idea that I have to struggle and not own my power and unique gifts with the world.

The art of nursing to me, is showing up as you are in your own creative way to guide others back to themselves. The art of nursing is reminding others that they too already possess exactly what they need to thrive in whatever way that looks or works for them.

I work part time as a telephonic case manager for an insurance company as I organically build my business, Whole Life Health LLC empowering nurses one heart at a time.

If you are a nurse who knows you have more than “status quo” to share with the world, I have a gift for you.

I have created a special Facebook group called, “I AM READY” and it is dedicated to the nurses who are done with struggle and are ready to create a life that believes abundance and opportunity are your birthright. If you are READY let me know and I will gladly add you to our community of nurses who have started a movement to elevate and up the vibration and what is possible for nurses in our lifetime.

How do you define the art of nursing?

For more on Elizabeth’s event, the Art of Nursing 2.0, click here. Honoring Nurses

Until next time, own your art and your creative gifts. You were anointed with them for a reason.