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Status quo or extraordinary?

Which word best describes your life in this moment?


I am enamored with this idea of being called or guided in life.

Prior to answering the call to fulfill my purpose I was being PUSHED by life and everything about it was hanging smack dab in the “status quo” region!

Not that there is anything wrong with status quo, but for me, status quo felt like I was simply going through the motions of life.

I was “existing” and “getting by.”

I was content and had a good job and was happily married with two great kids, but I wanted more.

I was content, but extremely UNFULFILLED.

This sensation started to become intolerable.

I noticed this burning desire to explore, uncover, and discover a better way to LIVE more fully.

I knew something was missing, but I didn’t know what it was or who to talk to about it.

I knew deep inside me I had a purpose, a mission, a blessing to share with others.

What it was, I wasn’t quite sure.

When you are unsure of something you have to explore to find the answers.

For most of my life when I wanted answers I would go looking for them outside of myself.

I doubted my instincts. I doubted my intuition. 

I see others doing this when they are struggling as well. Perhaps, there is fear of what we’ll find if we dig deep enough?

I started my journey to discover what my mission was and what it was that would fuel my desire for fulfillment.

I have read more self-help books that you can shake a stick at and have taken loads of personal and professional development courses.

I found the reason that  I was unfulfilled was because I did not accept myself, the shadow parts and all.

My love for me was conditional on what I could accomplish. I was always seeking approval from others.

This becomes an uphill battle in a hurry, when you already feel like an outsider.

Through yoga, hours of reflection, journaling, tapping, meditation, dancing, drumming, and prayer I have developed a deep love and respect for myself. As I AM. Imperfect and just right!

As a result, I know and believe in every cell of my being that I AM love exactly as I AM.

Turns out, love is the highest vibration of any of the emotions. Life in a high vibration state attracts more of the same, including:  Abundance. Joy. Opportunity. Vitality. Energy.

There is no need to seek approval from others.

It took me over ten years to figure this out.

I don’t want another soul to have to suffer for as long as I did.

There is nothing more fulfilling to me than watching a person transform from lack of self-love to unconditional acceptance and love for oneself.

Once you learn to love and accept yourself as is,  ALL things become possible.

My gift is helping others get clarity on their own wants and desires and learning to love and accept themselves unconditionally.

I  help guide others to know, own, and leverage their intuition without doubt or guilt.

I help others release their fears so they can step into their fullest potential and serve in a bigger way that doesn’t involve putting themselves last, rather honors their body, mind, and spirit.

Along the journey, I have learned that trying to figure out how I would share my mission was not as important as figuring out what my blessing/mission is.

When you learn to ask for guidance from your higher power and you trust with your whole heart, the steps and the hows will be revealed to you.

I am passionate about helping others go from a content, status quo existence, to an extraordinary life that honors the gift(s) that only you have.. This all starts with self-love.

In order to reach more people, I have created an online program that teaches the same tools that I help my private clients learn, but at a lower price point.

It is called Nurse Boss Soul School.

An online camp for the nurse soul.

It’s a safe space to learn how to slow down.

Tune in.

Release limiting beliefs.

Affirm and trust your own inner knowing.

To heal and take time for yourself without guilt.

To reclaim your bold nature.

Connect with your tribe. 

Laugh and have FUN.

To love yourself fully and unconditionally.

Nurse Boss Soul School launches again in September.

Creating my coaching practice is just one example of how I was able to take my life from “status quo” to “extraordinary.”

If you are sick of the struggle. I would be humbled to be your guide back to yourself.

Sending you so much peace and love,



If you are interested in seeing if I would be a good fit to help you learn to love yourself, schedule a complimentary breakthrough session here:


Are you being PUSHED or PULLED in life?

I recently watched Tony Robbin’s documentary,  “I AM NOT YOUR GURU” on Netflix.

To say it was inspiring is an understatement!

He talks about the “art of fulfillment” and the idea of being pushed versus pulled in life.\

He says that when you are being pushed in life, it burns you out and fulfillment happens when you are being pulled.

This concept resonated with me so much & I believe it can help so many, so I am sharing it with you.

Being PUSHED, to me looks like nothing goes your way and feels like pure exhaustion.

You feel like you will never be able to come up for air.

It’s like suffocating, but you don’t die. You just keep suffering.

I know first hand what it feels like to be PUSHED in life. 

I felt like a zombie on autopilot. Everything was GO. GO. GO. RUSH. RUSH. RUSH.

There was: Little JOY. No FUN. Zero ABUNDANCE. An absence of FREEDOM & CREATIVITY, with a truck full of FEAR & STUCK.

A Course in Miracles states there are two states, love and fear. I was being pushed in my life and nursing career by fear.

Then, I reached a tipping point.

I decided I wanted more. I was tired of feeling “fine” and just “getting by”. I was tired of feeling spiritually empty and like I was not coming anywhere close to fulfilling my soul’s purpose. I wanted to show up in a bigger way in the world in a way that lit my soul on fire and served others at the same time. I decided I was put on this planet to do BIG things.

I had NO idea what this meant, but it didn’t matter, because in that moment, I went from being PUSHED to PULLED. 

Here’s the thing.

Once you decide. Once you commit to a desire for things to be different. They WILL be.

Your decision cuts off all other avenues or alternatives other than the path to create your desire.

It creates an energetic match to bring you the opportunities that will create your desire.

Being PULLED delivers opportunities. Divine teachers. Divine guidance. Abundance. Curiosity. Flow. Creative everything. Joy. Laughter. FUN. Alignment. High vibes. Resonance. Love.

I will let you in on a secret that I learned from Carol Tuttle. All these things are your TRUE nature, but probably less familiar to you than your regular fare of stress and lack. When you are in alignment with your true nature, everything is easier & more fun.

So, I ask you again. Are you being PUSHED or PULLED in life?< If you are being pulled, kudos to you & please keep shining your light. In doing so, you are helping to heal the world. If you are being pushed, start to notice how you are being pushed in life. Affirm right now that you are LOVE. You deserve love and in this moment you can choose for things to be different. You can choose to live in love over fear. 

The journey back to your fullest potential is rich and full of infinite possibilities, but it does take work, grit, and determination.

Deciding for things to be different is easy. The hard part is releasing your fear grip and the illusion of control and trusting that your highest self is waiting to step up and that when you ask, you will be supported.

The journey requires support. A tribe. Teachers. Self-love and acceptance. Willingness and an open heart.

I had no support, no teachers, no one to talk to when I first said yes. This is something I do not suggest. As soon as I let go of my grip of needing to be perfect and “in control” and I opened my heart and asked for guidance, my teachers showed up in droves and so have the infinite opportunities to share my gifts in a bigger way.

I am thoroughly enjoying my journey back to my highest self  and learning how to be in service to others in the most beneficial way. In order to play bigger & provide service to others I continue to work on myself.

I am on the books to speak with one of Tony Robbin’s business strategists.

This is another divine moment on my path.

Day Made!

Lisbeth Overton, Nurse Boss

Lisbeth Overton, Nurse Boss

I was called to create Nurse Boss Soul School to help serve nurses in transforming from a life of fear and being PUSHED to one of ease and being PULLED.

The choice is yours. Pushed or pulled.

I would be humbled to share the tools that have helped me transform from living day to day in fear and lack, always pushing, to a life being pulled into opportunity, love, and abundance at my online camp for the nurse soul, Nurse Boss Soul School.

It is all done from the comfort of your own home with the connection and support of other nurses who are ready to love you up and support you in transitioning from fear to love.

Camp launches again in September. I hope to play with you there:)

For more info type PULL in the comments.

Sending you so much love 💜


You create your experience

You create your experience.

Every. Day.🕐

What can you place in your living space that reminds you of your awesome & fills you with joy?

I am a word nerd and love inspiring quotes.

I am a metaphor lover as well. I love animals for this reason. 🐘 🐼

Elephants remind me to stay grounded & they have such wisdom & are extremely communal. All things I aspire to be

Fashion is my religion, so anywhere I can insert sparkle is a GO!

My Buddha statue reminds me that I AM safe, I AM love💜, and that the universe 🌎and angels 😇👼are always working behind the scenes on my behalf.

It also reminds me that when I take the time to love myself by practicing mindfulness & yoga, I stay more dialed in to my own well-being & can be of service from a more balanced and loving place. 🕉#walkthetalk

Music 🎤🎸is a must in my life✅it makes me feel alive & dancing usually ensues….which usually leads to laughter…the best medicine 💊ever!

☯ We all have ups & downs. But having anchors in our lives that keep us grounded are very powerful in creating a life of high vibes & JOY!

I hope you find a small nugget of hope in this post & will start to explore creating a life of JOY that makes your soul smile.

Please share in the comments how you create spaces of joy, flow, and remind you of your capacity to create?


The 5 Books that Helped my Heart Sing and Become Whole Again

The 5 Books that Helped my Heart Sing and Become Whole Again

I am a nurse and a healer. I know that in order to guide others back to themselves holistically, you first must be whole yourself.

By whole, I mean connected and aligned in body, mind, and spirit. The sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts.

As luck would have it, feeling whole is a bit challenging for most of us. If we are honest, we have all probably experienced that moment when we felt we just didn’t measure up.

Part of the human condition means struggling at some time or another with one of these beliefs: you are not lovable, you are not worthy, and/or you do not have what it takes and you are lacking in some way(money/intelligence/strength/courage).

I am no different. I spent plenty of years immeshed in my struggle story. In order to overcome my struggles and release my limiting beliefs, I had to do some soul searching and hard work.

Some of the things that have helped me release my limiting beliefs are: yoga, mindfulness, tapping into my creativity, intentional movement, nature, connecting with other healers or lightworkers, energy work, humor, music, and whole food nutrition.

I rely on these for ongoing growth and I am empowered to stay on this path to abundant, whole heart living because it sets my soul on fire and brings me immense joy and rich health.

In addition to these tools, something that easily inspires me are words.

The irony is that as a young girl I absolutely hated reading and I sure as heck did not feel I was a good writer. Now, I can’t get enough of either! I have a voracious appetite for all things inspiring and empowering; especially in the written word. I could easily spend hours looking through quotes on sparkly notecards or crafting my own. Doing so calls me to evolve and live into my full potential. Words speak to me in a way that inspires, uplifts, nourishes and feeds my heart and soul.

I am typically reading no less than four books. I will start reading and then get pointed towards another book or idea and then I will get another book on that and on it goes. Has this ever happened to you? You jump online for a quick search and the next thing you know you have six new tabs open and an hour has lapsed!

I have read hundreds of books; however, the five books that I am sharing with you today will forever remain my favorites. They inspired me to dig deep, let go, and love myself up unconditionally. I believe that there are no accidents and these books were drawn onto my path in divine timing. Perhaps one of them will help inspire or empower you as much as they have inspired me. The winners are:

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

Don Miguel Ruiz

I read this book after getting remarried and it really helped my husband and me learn to communicate in a healthy way. Living the tenants of the Four Agreements is profound and quite liberating.

Here is a video about Don’s book, The Four Agreements

A Life Worth Breathing: A Yoga Master’s Handbook of Strength, Grace, and Healing

Max Strom

I read this book after completing yoga teacher training during a time when I was struggling with self-doubt. It was so profoundly healing to read. I literally finished the book, got online to find out more about Max and he was in Minneapolis the next day for a yoga workshop. Holy serendipitous batman. I attended the workshop with my book in hand and shared with Max how much it helped me. I now have his Johnny Hancock in his book. So amazing.

Here is a link to Max’s book,  A Life Worth Breathing

True Purpose 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make

Tim Kelley

I heard about this book from Lisa Sasevich during her bootcamp in San Diego. This was a game changer for me. Tim talks about each of us having a gift, a blessing and he really guides you in doing the work through writing and reflecting to uncover what your blessing and true purpose are.

Here is a link to Tim’s book, True Purpose 

The Gifts of Imperfection

Brené Brown

Brené is my all time favorite girl crush. She has researched and written on the very abstract concept of shame and vulnerability for over 20 years. I learned of her book after turning 40 and  gifting myself a course called Heart Sight Series. It was about subtle energy, something I knew nothing about. I asked the teacher what book she could recommend that most aligned with what we were learning in the course and she recommended Brené’s, The Gifts of Imperfection. That book really helped me understand and feel that I was not alone in not wanting to feel vulnerable and that shame is universal.

Here is Brené speaking about vulnerability in her famous TED talk Vulnerability

A Weekend to Change Your Life

Joan Anderson  

I read this gem as I was cultivating the courage to create my own retreat for nurses to refresh and renew. Joan is the guru of running successful retreats for women, guiding them in letting go and embracing their authenticity. It couldn’t have been timed more perfectly and it really helped me create a beautiful retreat for nurses that was empowering on so many levels for the nurses and me.

Here is a link to Joan’s book, A Weekend to Change Your Life

Chances are, if you are reading this, you too are an avid reader and are on the quest for ways to enhance your amazing life……..My hope is that you have been inspired and that you may find some resources that resonate with you on your path back to the awesome you.

There is no one else like you. Love yourself up and do you like only YOU can.

What are your favorite reads on healing?

Hugs and healing to you,


How rejection paved my path to career opportunity

how-noAs the first day of the new year, it felt apropos to share with you a poignant circumstance in my life that offered a huge wallop of NO and rejection and how I was able to overcome it.

We can pretty much all relate to a time of being told no or being rejected. It happens quite often.

It always feels like hell in the moment it happens. However, it’s what you do with that answer that makes the difference.


I find inspiration in these folks who took rejection by the horns and went on to experience major breakthroughs:

  • Albert Einstein was expelled from school and not admitted into the Zurich Polytechnic School.
  • Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star in 1919 because the editor believed “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”
  • After performing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, the concert hall manager told Elvis that he’d be better off going back to Memphis and “driving trucks.“

Perhaps rejection is the universe’s way of letting you know that you really did not want what you were after in the first place……. Or maybe, it’s that something way bigger is waiting around the corner……. It could also be that you’re just not cut out for what it is that you are attempting to acquire…….

Back to my story. I applied for and interviewed for a job that I felt was a shoe in. Essentially, I was already doing what the job described, so this was more like a formality. WRONG. I felt like the interview went swell and then I got the 2×4 upside the head. We’re sorry to inform you, but “we have decided that you are not what we are looking for in this position.”

Whoa. Talk about a huge hit to the ego and a large helping of reality central. I was honestly flabbergasted that I was not selected and it took me a few weeks to absorb what all that meant for me.

Was I not as qualified or successful as I thought? Was I a failure? Who else will hire me if I can’t get the job that I thought was a shoe in? That stings a lot. With some work, I was able to let go of my ego in the equation and listen for my intuition to clue me in on what the true message was for me.

It turns out, that the role that I was applying for turned out to be radically different from what I had been doing and a lot more complex than it appeared at the outset.

This outcome and my ability to see the silver lining opened the way for me to flourish in other ways. I continued perfecting my coaching and started applying myself in other ways within the company. I’m talking, ways that feed and nurture my heart and soul. Things that I have aptitude for, like integrative nutrition, yoga, and mindfulness.

If I had not been rejected, I know that I never would have seen the path to the opportunities that showed up at my door. Since one door closed, another one opened. One that was way more authentically aligned with my skill set and passions. This entire experience also fueled a significant mindset shift, from fear-based and lack to one of potential, opportunity, and success.

The universe always has your back and your angels are always sending you signals. When you are lucky enough to be paying attention, you have the capacity to thrive and build on the actions and intentions that set your soul on fire.

That my friends is the only way I commit to living in 2016.

Heart full. Mind at Ease. Serving others.

How are you choosing to live in 2016?

Have you had a silver lining moment after major rejection? How did it change your worldview? What advice would you give for others who have faced or are currently facing rejection?

I invite you to reflect on a time in your life when you felt rejected and see if you can identify or reflect back on the silver lining that was on the other side of what felt like failure that gave you a new perspective.

Wishing you steadfast resilience and hope in your endeavors in this new year.

Peace and boatloads of blessings,