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Nurse Boss Soul School-camp for the nurse soul

One week from today I will be launching my baby, my camp for the nurse soul, Nurse Boss Soul School. It is a dream come true!

This is WHY I do what I do.

When I read the words from my client, Jessica Smith my heart starts to swell with overwhelming JOY & warmth. Meeting her has truly been a gift. I am delighted her feelings for me are mutual #soulsisters

I had NO idea what my business would look like when I had the idea 20+ years ago. I knew I could pull it off, but I was not prepared for the depth of love & soul nurturing that helping nurses would provide me.

I am getting back far more in return than I am sharing in my work.

I believe to run a sustainable business you have to give back.

Jessica was the first recipient of my scholarship for personal coaching.

I am launching Nurse Boss Soul School as a way to leverage my work with more nurses than I would be able to help one on one.

I am offering 7 nurses a scholarship to Nurse Boss Soul School. I have only 4 slots left for that opportunity.

If you are stuck & crave a soul cleansing recharge I invite you to come play at camp for the nurse soul at Nurse Boss Soul School. You will make life long connections & learn simple tools that will help nourish your heart, soul, & awesome for a lifetime!!

Please share with nurses you know would love this opportunity

-🏻from my Nurse Boss heart & soul to yours

#HappyNursesWeek 🙋🏻



From Jessica:

Four months post op from open heart surgery I found myself feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with my slow recovery process. I had not worked in close to five months as a regional nurse manager and I was stuck in fear and did not know how come to peace with where my life was headed.

I decided to try something different and I scheduled a session with Lisbeth Overton on LinkedIn.

Over the past 17 years I have done a lot of spiritual work in my self over the years.

I spoke with Lisbeth for the first time and I had an instant connection with her. Her nursing philosophy was the same as mine and she significantly enlightened me.

I honestly felt a new hope for the first time in awhile along with a knowing that God has brought our paths together for a reason.

She just happen to be coming out to Arizona from  Minneapolis the following week and I had the miraculous blessing to meet my new spiritual coach who has the passion to help nurses.

I am a very blessed to be a recipient of one of her generous scholarships.

I needed change with some ideas and life expression that created limits in my life.

Honestly, from the very beginning I felt refreshed and infused with a new flowing energy the first time I met with her.

I have learned many new tools along with discarding some old ones that did not work for me anymore.

I have learned some life work balance and am starting to own my awesomeness. Loving my self and taking care of the nurse within me is one of the best ways I can be of service to others.

The work I have been doing has given me the recommitment on a different level of self care and love.

My reawakening to my world has been brighter, more peaceful, with a lot more laughter and life flowing through me.

I have more confidence in my beliefs and desires.  My doubt, fear, and perception of lack has decreased.

I will say one of the biggest gifts of working with Lisbeth is the ability to watch some one shine as their authentic amazing self through her videos and our talks, this encourages me on a soul level to do the same because I am worth it.

In gratitude 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Lisbeth NurseBoss 💜🙋🏻

You create your experience

You create your experience.

Every. Day.🕐

What can you place in your living space that reminds you of your awesome & fills you with joy?

I am a word nerd and love inspiring quotes.

I am a metaphor lover as well. I love animals for this reason. 🐘 🐼

Elephants remind me to stay grounded & they have such wisdom & are extremely communal. All things I aspire to be

Fashion is my religion, so anywhere I can insert sparkle is a GO!

My Buddha statue reminds me that I AM safe, I AM love💜, and that the universe 🌎and angels 😇👼are always working behind the scenes on my behalf.

It also reminds me that when I take the time to love myself by practicing mindfulness & yoga, I stay more dialed in to my own well-being & can be of service from a more balanced and loving place. 🕉#walkthetalk

Music 🎤🎸is a must in my life✅it makes me feel alive & dancing usually ensues….which usually leads to laughter…the best medicine 💊ever!

☯ We all have ups & downs. But having anchors in our lives that keep us grounded are very powerful in creating a life of high vibes & JOY!

I hope you find a small nugget of hope in this post & will start to explore creating a life of JOY that makes your soul smile.

Please share in the comments how you create spaces of joy, flow, and remind you of your capacity to create?


Laughter and Yoga

Laughter is the best medicine. It reduces stress, transports you to the present moment, and helps strengthen your abs. Laughter is inherent in the daily experience of children and seems to lessen with age and responsibility.

This is a picture of me as a young girl laughing away as I often did when being entertained by others.

I love the benefits that I receive when I enjoy a good belly laugh and I love the way I feel mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually during and after I practice yoga.

When you combine the two, what happens is nothing short of majestic.  Laughter + Yoga= BIG F-U-N.

Here are my favorite reasons to practice laughter yoga and yoga:

  • it boosts your “feel good” endorphins
  • it’s free
  • it feels good
  • it increases your vibration, which equates to better health
  • it relieves stress, tension, anxiety, and reduces blood pressure

I want to invite you into my Nurse Healing Lounge for a hilarious dose of laughter yoga. It will only take about twelve minutes and the payoff is huge, if you participate.

Go ahead, go all in, what have you got to lose?

In this episode, Giggle with us here Sarah Routman, of Serious Giggles guides us through some simple, yet profound laughter yoga exercises to help my friend Liz and me get our giggle on.

Please enjoy, share, and repeat.

Please share your favorite part about this exercise. I personally love the smile “push ups”!

What can you do  now to start laughing more often?

For more laughter yoga, check out Sarah’s amazing work at:   Sarah’s website

In laughter and gratitude,



My Experiment with JOY, in 21 Days

I recently committed myself to an experiment of focusing on creating joy. It went like this, for twenty one days every morning when I woke up I smiled at myself and made a joyful connection with my soul as I looked at myself in the mirror.

I also made an effort to smile throughout my day; especially if I was not experiencing joy.

I also made an effort to see how many people I could get to smile back at me when I was out and about. I captured my experience on periscope. You can check out the episodes on www.katch.me  by searching my handle, “endoverwhelmnow” or check out one of the episodes by clicking here watch now.

Joy is a natural state of being, but one that is not very familiar to most of us. In fact, I would venture to say that a more familiar experience for most of us is a state of struggle, not joy.

I enjoy sharing simple actions that enhance the quality and awesome factor in life.

Life is too short to not be creating our own magic. 

I did not know what to expect from my commitment, but was pleasantly surprised by the gift that it revealed to me. Here is what committing to joy through the simple act of a smile showed me:

  • Joy is our true nature.
  • Simple things can create the most profound experience.
  • Paying attention and being aware of simple things reveal treasures.
  • The more you practice, the easier it gets.
  • Focusing on joy naturally shifts your energy to ease and contentment from the inside out.
  • Practice makes progress.
  • Smiling is contagious.
  • What we seek is also seeking us.
  • Where we place our intention, energy flows.
  • Everything is easier when you smile.
  • It takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown.
  • Smiling at your own soul is extremely healing.
  • When you tell the universe what you want, it will be provided to you in spades.
  • On the days I did not feel like smiling, I did it anyway, and it always made me feel better.
  • There are so many people walking the planet who are suffering and not smiling.
  • With a little encouragement, we can help lift ourselves and others up.
  • Turning the corners of the mouth up into a smile changes the body chemistry, in a good way.
  • The body is seeking signals from your mind. Smiling can help create positive thoughts, thereby, helping you create positive experiences.
  • Smiling at yourself provides a glimpse into your soul.
  • When you smile, your heart opens a little wider.
  • When you smile, it gives others the invitation to do the same.
  • It is near impossible to smile and be crabby at the same time.
  • Smiling is good for your health.
  • If you want free, guaranteed inner and outer beauty, smile.

This experiment showed me how simple it is to shift my energy once I make the commitment and intention to do so.  Once you commit, the universe lines up to help you create your desire. I know that I can create whatever it is that I want in life. You too are a creator. You can apply this experiment to anything in life, eating better, weight loss, happiness, connecting with others. 

Create your own change:

  1. Decide what you want to create.
  2. Set the intention to focus on that one thing for 21 days.
  3. Act on your intention for 21 days.
  4. Record the process in a journal or video to keep you accountable.
  5. Share your experience with others.
  6. Reflect on what you were able to create or change in your life.

How often are you currently smiling? Would you be willing to try smiling more often?

Please share your experience with joy and what tips you can share to help us cultivate more joy.

What tips can you share to encourage others to become creators in their own lives?

Wishing you a holiday season with loads of joy and abundance.



21 Days to Joy

Joy is a natural state of being, but one that is not very familiar to most of us. In fact, I would venture to say that a more familiar experience for most of us is a state of struggle, not joy. Most of us may even admit that we are not naturally, “joyful” and may only notice or experience true joy when we acquire or get something that is external in nature. For example: a new purse, a new job, a new relationship, or a a great vacation.

Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with this, but living like this can create a lot of stress if the only way we can experience true joy is to get or acquire something. In addition, if we are relying on external sources for experiencing joy, that is not sustainable over time.

I share this from my own experience. I spent many years seeking approval and joy from external sources. One habit in particular involved the purchase of a certain type of very expensive handbag. I am talking upwards of three and four hundred dollars. I would often ask for these as birthday or Christmas gifts and occasionally I would purchase them for myself.  The joy and excitement would last about a week or so and then fade off into the wild blue yonder.

Fast forward five years and the thought of spending that much money on a bag makes me feel like wow, that was an interesting phase of my life! I am in a different place totally. I no longer seek validation from others and I know now how to create joy from within. If I had continued down the path of using expensive bags to fulfill me and bring joy into my life, I would be broke and certainly unhealthy by now.

When we learn to create joy as a familiar state of being within ourselves, we can release the old familiar pattern of struggle and all kinds of positive shifts start to show up in our lives. Where we once experienced struggle we see opportunity and growth. Where we once saw limitation we see abundance. That is where the magic lies and you start to become the creator that you were designed to be.

We are each designed to be creators.

So, I invite you to join me for 21 days to JOY in the #smilefest to create your own joy from within.

It takes 21 days to create a habit.

The simple act of turning the corner of your lips up into the shape of a smile changes your body chemistry.

It also shifts your energy and has the power to shift your mood from stress and struggle to joy and ease.

When I smile, it literally feels like my heart is lighting up. It is hard for me to feel negative or stressed when I am smiling.

The benefits of joining 21 Days to JOY:

  • it’s FREE
  • it’s FUN
  • it helps you feel FABULOUS

Check out my Facebook Page and join our community.

Join here

 Please share this with your friends and family. We all need more joy. Use hashtag #smilefest 😊#21daystojoy

Peace and smiles,


Please share your experiences below about how you create joy within.