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You create your experience

You create your experience.

Every. Day.🕐

What can you place in your living space that reminds you of your awesome & fills you with joy?

I am a word nerd and love inspiring quotes.

I am a metaphor lover as well. I love animals for this reason. 🐘 🐼

Elephants remind me to stay grounded & they have such wisdom & are extremely communal. All things I aspire to be

Fashion is my religion, so anywhere I can insert sparkle is a GO!

My Buddha statue reminds me that I AM safe, I AM love💜, and that the universe 🌎and angels 😇👼are always working behind the scenes on my behalf.

It also reminds me that when I take the time to love myself by practicing mindfulness & yoga, I stay more dialed in to my own well-being & can be of service from a more balanced and loving place. 🕉#walkthetalk

Music 🎤🎸is a must in my life✅it makes me feel alive & dancing usually ensues….which usually leads to laughter…the best medicine 💊ever!

☯ We all have ups & downs. But having anchors in our lives that keep us grounded are very powerful in creating a life of high vibes & JOY!

I hope you find a small nugget of hope in this post & will start to explore creating a life of JOY that makes your soul smile.

Please share in the comments how you create spaces of joy, flow, and remind you of your capacity to create?