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Nurses as Inventors

Nurses are some of the most solution-oriented people on the planet. However, most nurses do not view themselves as creators or designers. I believe nurses need to hone that gift and start to honor it as well.

As a nurse who craves solution oriented thinking matched with creativity, discovering MakerNurse was music to my soul.

Check out what they are all about here: MakerNurse

Have you crafted an invention or solution on the job to make your work easier and to enhance the quality of care for your patients? You did it because that’s what nurses do. We create, improvise, and whip solutions together on the fly without so much as a thought.

Imagine if nurses had access to the resources and funding to develop and build solutions for our everyday tasks that met our patients’ needs and also made our work easier. Win-Win in my book.

Are you a nurse inventor? Please share your story here.

Until next time, keep rocking your inner inventor and owning your awesome.